Purchase & Sale

Non Resident Indian (NRI) have a strong desire to invest in a property in their homeland. The demand for investing in a property in India has increased manifolds, especially in the last few years as the strength in foreign currencies improves.  However, there are many hurdles for them in purchasing a property. A lot of NRIs have lost their connections to India or are simply incapable of taking the time for dealing with the property owners in India. We provide you with the entire assistance which enables you to make a diligent decision on purchasing your property, be it your first investment or an array of investments. We communicate regularly with you to ensure transparency. The only time you will have to make a trip would be for property registration and agreement signing i.e. closing the deal.

Mumbai’s property market is very lucrative. There have been phenomenal increments in property prices over the last few years. NRIs who already own a property and are now deciding on cashing out on their returns for re investment purposes, planning to retire or simply looking to liquidate. As your representative, we ensure that you receive the best price and return on your investment. We market your property through various channels – Online, print media and our vast network of real estate brokers and consultants. We guide you in pricing your property as per the current market to ensure that you do not lose out on genuine buyers and at the same time do not under value your property investment.